Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hop Aboard Kinver Brewery

The Admirals of the good ship 'Kinver Brewery' have set a new Target, hoping to achieve yet another Brewers Gold or Bullion award in 2013,  following the Challenge of moving to a new brewery,  just a small more Northdown hop from the smaller Pioneer brewery premises in Kinver Village.   

The new brewery at Britch Farm is the Phoenix for Kinver Brewery,  a rebirth of a dream to brew award winning ales.

The Pilot beers from the novel tilting mash tun, and new copper have proven to be a great success, with "Over the Edge" being the Sovereign beer of the West Midlands in 2012, and First Gold in the Strong Bitter category 2012, having Beatan off strong competition.

A new range of bottled beers has now been introduced to Herald the Progress made since moving to the more Northern Brewer  location.

Bristish Hops
The larger 12 barrel brewing capacity has allowed the brewers Dave and Ian to relax and enjoy a  Bramling 'apple' each for lunch.  Whilst waiting for the wort to Cascade from the hot liquor tank to the mashtun, they check the quality of the last brew without getting too Fuggled to be able to ponder the Alpha index of the Boadicea, Goldings and other hop Varieties for their next brew.

The bottled beers are available for Pilgrims at the village off-licence, Kinver Vino,  113 High Street,  Kinver, Staffordshire, DY7 6HL.  The bottles are hopping off the shelves, and Kinver Brewery Endeavour to meet the demand.

Hop aboard and enjoy a pint of the Champion Beers of the West Midlands!  Prost!

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