Friday, 20 May 2011

Kinver Beer Delivered by Dray Horse Wagon

Kinver Brewery
Noah, Wallace and Kinver Dave rest at the The Cross Inn at Kinver

Kinver Beers were delivered by Horse and Dray to the Kinver Constitutional Club to celebrate them winning the Camra Club of the Year.
The beers were delivered by  the Clydesdale Heavy Horses Noah and Wallace, in association with members of the Midland Heavy Horse Association

The journey started at the Cat Inn at Enville, collected beer from the Brewery in Kinver, and delivered to The Vine Inn, The Cross Inn at Kinver and the Constitutional Club, where Kinver Brewery Ales can be regularly enjoyed on hand pump

Kinver Brewery
Kinver Dave on The Wagon

Kinver Brewery
Noah & Wallace outside The Kinver Constitutional Club

The horses were driven by Paul and Yvonne Simmons of the Mordearg Shires stud near Wolverhampton