Monday, 17 December 2012

Kinver Brewery have Moved

Kinver Brewery has relocated to new premises at Britch Farm on the outskirts of Kinver Village.  Britch Farm is a "stone throw" away from Kinver Edge, and the Holy Austin Rock Houses

View from Kinver Brewery towards the Sheep Walks, part of the Enville Estate

We had to leave Fairfield Drive site, not because we wanted to, but because we were served notice in May 2011 that the land, including all 8 units and Lowes Garage was going to be redeveloped into retirement homes. 
Just at that time, new units were made available from farm buildings at Britch farm. We had to ensure that Kinver brewery obtained one of these, so from that time until present we have been paying rent on 2 premises.

Being a bit different to most businesses, we couldn`t just up and move, we decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the brewery and expand the business. This involved buying different equipment, some new, some used, which meant lots of research, raising capital etc. all this took well over 12 months, a lot longer than we hoped for, but we had to make sure it was right.  
Building a new brewery from scratch meant we could construct one as we wanted it to make brewing a little easier, more efficient, and more capacity. 

We brewed 2 to 3 times a week at the old premises, producing between 8 and 12 brewer`s barrels ( 1 barrel = 36 gallon ) At present, due to a few teething problems, we`re producing a little more than this, but in the new year we will be adjusting the equipment slightly and will be producing about twice as much.

It was definately the right movePlans for the future include purchasing another fermenter so we can be more flexible producing more varieties to offer, possibly more volume, and hopefully continue making award winning ales!

"Carol the Barrel"  cleaning out the new copper
Cleaning out the tilting mash tun
Me checking my dipstick!
Carol trying to get her leg over at the new brewery!
1st brew, sauna anyone?