Kinver Hops

Kinver Brewery use only the finest hops from around the world.  The hops are vacuum packed for freshness.

Information about hops from around the world can be found here, or information on British  Hops and their properties can be found here.

The characteristics of British Hops provided by the British Hop Association are as follows:

AdmiralResinous, orangey, citrus
BeataHoney, apricot, almond
BoadiceaSpicy, light floral
Bramling CrossSpicy, blackcurrant, lemon
CascadeLychees, floral, grapefruit
ChallengerSpicy, cedar, green tea
East Kent GoldingsSpicy, honey, thyme
EndeavourBlackcurrant, spicy, citrus
First GoldOrange, marmalade, spicy
FuggleMinty, floral, earthy
GoldingsSpicy, honey, earthy
NorthdownSpicy, floral, pine
PhoenixMolasses, chocolate, spicy
PilgrimSpicy, citrus, pears
PilotLemon, spicy, marmalade
PioneerCedar, grapefruit, herbal
ProgressSweet, floral, minty
SovereignHerbal, floral, earthy
TargetSage, citrus, spice
WGVSpicy, botanical, floral