Sunday, 22 April 2018

Hop Aboard Kinver Brewery

The Admirals of the Ultra good ship 'Kinver Brewery' have set a Target, hoping to continue in their long standing Tradition of brewing champion beers and earn more Brewers Gold and Bullion CAMRA or SIBA awards for their truly Citra beers.

A decisive Challenge was taken to move the brewery to new premises in the Summer of 2012. The new brewery is  just a short  Northdown hop over the Horizon from the smaller Pioneer brewery premises at the former Kinver Crystal site close to the centre of the village, which can trace its origins back to Saxon times.  A Chinook, Comet or an Apollo transporter might have been helpful to move the equipment and materials.

The new brewery at Britch Farm is the Phoenix for Kinver Brewery,  the Liberty of a dream to be at the Vanguard of brewing award winning ales. Kinver was once described as the Switzerland of The Midlands, but there is certainly no Mount Hood or Mount Rainer near Kinver.

The Pilot beers from the novel tilting mash tun, and new copper produced beers of such Sterling quality that "Over the Edge" achievied First Gold in the Strong Bitter category in 2012. A new fermenter was subsequently installed to increase capacity in 2013,  permitting bottled beers to be introduced to Herald the Progress made since moving to the more Northern Brewery location, whilst ensuring Glacier temperatures were not achieved in the winter months.

The brewery was at it's Zenith in 2014 achieving the Summit for the best Strong Ale and Barley Wine in the UK at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival (GBBF).

The Millennium brew was produced  in 2015, and the busy brewers could take a well earned rest and Wai-te for the wort to Cascade from the hot liquor tank into the larger 12 barrel capacity mash tun.  Perhaps havingBramling  applea slice of Huell Melon or even a tasty chicken Nugget and a cup of Columbia coffee for lunch before sampling the tastier quality of their latest brew. Of course, without getting too Fuggled to find their way to Amarillo in the hop store, to Select the  Super Alpha index of the Boadicea, Goldings, Newport, Simcoe, Azacca,  Ahtanum or other international hop varieties that might be chosen for their next brew.

A Cluster of bottled Zythos (Beer) is available for Pilgrims who visit Kinver, at the village off-licence, Kinver Vino at 113 High Street,  Kinver, Staffordshire, DY7 6HL.  Whilst the beer is not available by the Magnum, 500ml bottles are hopping off the shelves and Kinver Brewery Endeavour to meet demand.  Follow the Mozaic block pavement from one of the many free public car parks in the village to Vino.  Draught Kinver is a regular at The Vine, and often a guest ale at the Southern Cross Inn.

The brewery take Super-Pride in the quality and taste of their king El Dorado beers, and "Over the Edge" is again the Sovereign of strong ale in the West Midlands in 2018,  having Beatan off strong competition to Triumph. Whilst future accolades might be in the hands of the god Zeus, the future of Kinver Brewery will continue to shine like a Saphir or the pole star Polaris in the hands of Dave and Ian.

Hop aboard and enjoy a pint of the Perle beer of the West Midlands! Bravo!  Or Prost as the brewery Warrier KinverDave Saaz!

All words in green are names of hops. Admiral, Target,  Brewers Gold,  Bullion, Challenger, Northdown, Pioneer, Phoenix, Pilot, Sovereign, First Gold, Beata, Herald, Progress, Northern Brewer, Bramling, Cascade, Fuggles, Goldings, Whitbread Goldings Variety, Pilgrim and Endeavour are English hops used for brewing. Information about American hops can be found here

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Kinver Brewery Company,  Kinver,  Stourbridge,  DY7 5NW, West Midlands 

Over the Edge - West Midlands Barley Wine / Strong Ale Champion 2018
Kinver Brewery is an award winning independent brewery located on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Kinver, 1 mile from the centre of Kinver village, close to Kinver Edge and the troglodyte Rock Houses which are owned by the National Trust.

The brewery was established in 2004 by Dave Kelly and Ian Davies, and the first beers were launched to the general public at the Dudley Winter Ales Fair in November  2004, with extra supplies having to be drafted in after quickly selling out.  The brewery was originally located in the village centre, but relocated in 2012 due to development plans for the original site, and were lucky to find new premises at Rocky Wall, probably the only suitable site within the parish.

The move to the new brewery provided the opportunity to grow, and capacity was increased with the installation of a new liquor tank, mash tun, and copper with further expansions planned with additional larger fermenters.
Traditional floor malted Maris Otter barley and hops from a wide range of sources including Worcestershire, America, Czech Rebublic and Germany are used to brew distinctive golden and hoppy beers, milds and stouts.  Kinver Brewery has won many National and Local awards, and Kinver "Over the Edge" was the Gold Medal Champion Winter Beer of Great Britain in 2014 in the barley wine & strong old ale category.

Browse our web site for a visit to the New Brewery,  and to find out about the Kinver Brewery Company.    You can explore the Brewery on our interactive brewing process diagram.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with the brewers please call us on 07715842679 or 07906146777 or e-mail us at

Kinver Brewery, Unit 1 Britch Farm, Rocky Wall, Compton, Kinver, Staffordshire, DY7 5NW


We only use 4 ingredients to produce our beers - malted barley, water, hops and yeast. We also use finings for clarity.

Registered Office - The Kinver Brewery Limited, 1 Franchise Street, Kidderminster, Worcs,DY11 6RE.  Registered in England 069337607